WINSTON Golf Senior Open

This past week in Germany did not pan out as I had hoped.

The week began with very productive practice rounds and the preparation was solid.
Unfortunately it did not transfer into the tournament rounds.

The weather was extremely cool and windy the first day with 30-40km winds and gust of 60km.
I teed off in the second to last group the first round and found the greens to be a lot faster than in the practice rounds as they obviously dried out significantly in the wind.
A high score in the first round put me well behind and I never did catch up the rest of the way.

In reflecting on my stats after the event and hitting 12, 14 and 13 GIR it was obvious that my short game was not up to my usual standard.

So we will put this event into our review mirror and focus on The Senior Open Championship next week at Sunningdale Golf Club.

I will be qualifying at The Berkshire Golf Club on Monday, July 20th.

I have been told there is a large field of entrants for the qualifying this year probably due to the proximity to London and with 4 courses in use there will be approximately 135 players per site with 8 spots available at this time.

I played a round at The Berkshire a few weeks ago and the course is wonderful.
It is a classic heathland course which is quite common here in the Surrey area of England.
The fairways are lined with heather and the greens surrounds are well bunkered with firm turf and tight mown areas for short game shots.

While it is always nice to learn some words and phrases in a new language, I must say it is great to be back in London and able to watch some television in English again, as that is my major form of relaxation in the evening.

I am also back travelling solo again as Tina has returned home.

It was great to be together for a couple of weeks and visit two more new countries for the first time.
We had a blast and shared so many laughs together.
It was also a treat for me to introduce her to so many of the players and any of the other wives travelling as well.
In some cases it had been 30 years since the last time she had talked with some of these people.

As per usual we did some sight seeing, this time in Schwerin, which was part of the old East Germany only 25 years ago.
The transformation in the architecture of the buildings in town is amazing as you can still see some of the older buildings.
Listening to some of the older local people’s stories of how things use to be in this area was sure a eye-opener and provided an appreciation for the freedoms and the lifestyle we have enjoyed.

We also visited Mecklenburg Castle or Schwerin Palace built in 973 AD. It was home to the dukes and grand dukes of Mecklenburg and today is home to the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern state parliament.

While all the architecture was amazing the one thing that I kept noticing is the amount of residential homes and commercial buildings with beautifully patterned metal roofs. Easily comprising 90% of the homes with ceramic tile roofs comprising virtually the remainder. I only saw 1 asphalt shingled roof and a few thatch roofs throughout the entire area.

Well back to work tomorrow as I will play a practice round at the Reading Golf Club in preparation for a two day Senior Golf Circuit event held this Thursday and Friday and then over to The Berkshire for practice rounds on Saturday and Sunday.

The Senior Golf Circuit is a tour for those players 48 and older. They play throughout Europe and I usually play in the event prior to tour qualifying school in Portugal.
David James has organized a nice schedule of events and the tour continues to grow.
I believe that with the European Senior Tour about to change its eligibility criteria and reduce the size of the starting fields for 2016, that the Senior Golf Circuit will grow in field size, strength and stature on the European professional golf scene.