Travis Perkins Masters


The Travis Perkins Master at the Woburn Golf Club – Duke’s Course was held last week.

This is a wonderful parkland course with majestic pines that usually plays with firm and fast fairways and greens.
Unfortunately, with a weeks worth of steady rain the course did not dry out and conditions were soft and slow.
I prefer firm fast conditions as it rewards proper ball striking and good course management. This is usually the way golf is played overseas on the top courses. When conditions are soft and slow the ball stops more quickly and it becomes more of an aerial or dartboard type of game without the imagination required to manage you way around the course. As my friends in Australia like to say it becomes a bash and splat type of game. However, to be successful we must adapt and persevere under any and all conditions.

I had a wonderful week with my caddy Kevin Edwards who is a member at the Donalda Club and is currently living north of London. Kevin contacted me just after the EST qualifying school in February and offered his assistance for this event.
Kevin did a fantastic job and by the end of the week, I was confident that if he ever decided to step out of the corporate world that he would be a real asset to any tour pro looking for a punctual, focused, detailed and committed guy to be “on the bag.” Kevin was fully engaged in the entire event and it was so refreshing to have someone really involved in a positive way.

We started the event quickly were under par early and tied for the lead with Bill Longmuir, whom we were paired with for the first round.
I have mentioned previously that I do not look at the leaderboards as I find it mentally distracting and so I focus on just playing without concern for results or outcomes.
Well it is impossible not to realize that something good is happening when the size of our gallery grows significantly and the tv crews arrive and stay with you to capture the action.
I think it was fun for Kevin as well, especially when the camera man is standing right beside him as we discuss club selection, line of play and strategy, followed by post-shot comments we would have.

Well the good play lasted through the first half of the event before we hit a wall.
Struggling on the last 6 holes was the norm for most of the players as they are most difficult and we were not immune.
Struggling mightily on the closing holes each round and fighting a balky putter the entire last round resulted in a 48th place finish.

Back home now and with an opportunity to rest, teach some more, get in some quality practice and play a few pro am events before heading back over for the French Masters and the final push to qualify for the Tour Championship as well as full status for 2016 season.

As always thanks for your emails and kind words of support and encouragement.