MCB Tour Championship

Well the final event of the 2015 season is here in Mauritius at the Constance Belle Mare Plage Legends Course.

The Legends Course is tight with water abundant on virtually every hole.  Strategy will be a key factor in negotiating around the property and of course we are playing at sea level, which for me is always an adjustment in club selection because when I play at home it is generally between 600 and 900 feet above sea level. As in most tropical golf courses the fairway grass is lush with a bermuda/kikuyu type of blade and the greens and chipping surrounds are of a couch variety.  The rough has a lot of St. Augustine bermuda which is extremely unpredictable when pitching out of.  The grain of the grass must be considered on every putt as the ball will move somewhat with the grain even on a straight level putt.

The field is comprised of the top 50 players from the current Order of Merit plus 2 sponsors exemptions.

The weather is really warm both during the day and at night and ranges between 26C and 31C.  The sea breeze is constant although slight for the past few days and there are brief rainfalls on occasion.  Similar to what you would experience in Hawaii although the humidity seems a great deal more here.

This final event will determine those exempt from having to attend the 2016 qualifying school.  Since the tour has changed exemption status from the top 40 to only the top 20 on the final Order of Merit this year I will have a top finish to secure my position for next year.

Finally, thank you as always to those who have written to me and for your support and encouragement.