End of Year

The MCB Tour Championship scores were 75, 72, 77 for a T-38 finish.

The event was a direct reflection of the entire year with periods of solid ball striking, good putting and wonderful green side saves.  However, there was an inconsistency in each area as well so that it felt like a car spinning its tires and with little traction not much to show for the effort.

Overall I really enjoyed my season travelling to new countries, playing a new course in each event and had some wonderful opportunities to win as well.  It was exciting to have such top quality competition each event.

It was also a lot of fun to meet and play with some world class players and reconnect with some friends whom I had played with  over 30 years ago.

Since I finished in 51st position on the final Order of Merit I will have to decide if I will return to Q School in Portugal this January.  While the preliminary schedule for 2016 looks very slim with currently even fewer events than this year, the reality is that outside of the Champions Tour in the US there really is no other opportunities to play for significant money besides the European Senior Tour.

At the moment I am travelling back home for the Christmas holidays.  Once the holidays are over I will as usual review my season, reflect on my statistics from this year and establish my goals and objectives and budget for 2016.

Thank you again to everyone for your email messages, phone calls and texts of encouragement and support along the way.  I truly enjoyed connecting with you.

I also appreciate your support and encouragement in regards to these blogs and I will give it great consideration on continuing this for 2016.

I wish you all the best during the holiday season and for the new year!