New Beginning in 2016

As I begin to venture out into my 2016 European Senior Tour Season I do so with a tremendous amount of focus and enthusiasm. Many of you know my unwavering belief and commitment to being prepared and organized so as to put myself in what I feel is the best environment to be successful in achieving my goals. The support you all have provided me, as well as that from all my business and golf partners over my career to date is so warmly welcomed and truly appreciated. I have been so fortunate in these relationships to be a part of some of the finest companies in the golf industry and together we have reaped benefits from these partnerships.

My profession requires attention to fundamentals and standards, but also allows me to reach and grow as I strive to improve through hard and smart work and evaluate the process and results. In this light I want to take a moment to reflect on a specific company, Titleist, one of the most recognized and regarded companies in golf, for their support of my golf product needs for many years as a Tournament and Club Professional. I am sincerely thankful for everything you have done for me and I hope that you feel the same, for the reciprocal, in the benefits that our partnership brought your company as well.

Although Titleist has been great for me and we have had many wins and success together, I am comfortable in knowing that I have done my due diligence to move forward in a new direction and have taken the initiative to aspire to new opportunities in technology and innovation.

To that end I am excited this year to be playing the TaylorMade M1 driver and TaylorMade M2 3-wood. Both clubs provide the greatest benefit for distance off the tee and into the greens.
Their strength in this area bears out weekly as they lead the equipment counts on the professional tours around the world.

Equally exciting for me is how good the TaylorMade Tour Preferred X golf ball is. I noticed through personal product testing that the ball is much more stable in the cross winds, holding its line and penetrates better into the wind. I am looking forward to not being as far behind my fellow competitors off the tee this season!

In 2015 my putting stats reflected poorly and showed a loss of 1.5 strokes per round during play on the European Seniors Tour.
One of the key ingredients in playing at the top level of professional golf is to recognize weaknesses and being adaptable to changes in the game and equipment. To this end I have made the transition to an Edel Torque Balanced Putter. The early results of this putter change are extremely positive.

New Clothing Partnerships

I am thrilled to introduce two new companies who have come onboard with their clothing support for the 2016 season. Both of these industry leading companies will allow me to play with the highest confidence knowing I am prepared for any and all weather conditions mother nature bestows on my global tournament calendar.

Galvin Green is a line that is synonymous with quality and performance. Long recognized as the premier outerwear product for professional golfers worldwide, it is no surprise the European Tour has chosen Galvin Green for years as the attire for their players in the Ryder Cup. The garments are lightweight and quiet when you swing and allow for a layering concept, which is essential for the varying weather conditions we are exposed to on Tour. The rain jacket and outwear pieces are made of the Gore-Tex membrane and they offer a lifetime warranty of all pieces so that if something happens the company will either repair or replace it. Galvin Green’s attention to detail, high quality approach, and commitment to be the best are traits that I feel mirror my thoughts and goals too!

Dunning Golf has a well-deserved reputation as a premium apparel brand.
Their products boast a rich look with a luxurious soft hand and maintain the longest shelf life of all apparel offerings. And with a roomier fit they provide me the ideal wardrobe for my best tour performance.
I sold Dunning Golf when I was a Head Professional and loved the cut because it complimented my physique extenuating my chest area (made me look bigger) and minimizing my expanded mid section girth (making me look slimmer). The reason is because of the materials Dunning use and because they cut from a smaller stack of fabric in production. These factors combine to prevent turning, twisting and shorting the garments near the bottom or tail of the shirt that affects other brands.
When you put all of this together it is easy to see why Dunning Golf is placed at the pinnacle in value of all the premium lines.

This off-season has seen a great deal of product changes and opportunities to align with equipment companies that I feel provide me the best chance for success.
It also allows me an opportunity to provide exposer, promote and endorse these industry-leading brands that I feel so strongly about.

In this regard I would like to say thanks to Bryan Ure of Nexgen Golf for his product offering this spring as well as his advise, guidance and expertise in regards to corporate sponsorship promotion and related exposure for these companies.
It is for this reason that Nexgen Golf is the industry leader supplying golf equipment and sporting goods to the Canadian Promotional and Incentives Industry.

Finally, I have had a busy winter and spring rehabilitating a rotator cuff injury that has been nagging me for years. I want to say thank you to Dr. Mike Poschar of Active Health Centre in Markham for his unwavering belief that I would regain full range of motion again through acupuncture treatments and proper exercise movement patterns.

In closing I want to say thank you to all the people involved for their professionalism and business acumen in working with me in transition as I age in allowing me to do the things I need to do to play my best. I believe you must feel good, look good, have good product and be supported by your partners in order to be successful.
I have no doubt that everyone mentioned has “paid it forward” in contributing to this year’s successes.

Kindest Regards,