Wales Result

It was a mixed result in Wales.
My ball striking was solid at the beginning of the week. It seemed that due to the heavy winds during the practice rounds however the ball striking gradually deteriorated throughout the tournament rounds.
On the positive my scores were better this year with 71, 73, 73 mainly due to my putting which was much better than it was last year. Still I found it difficult to gain any traction throughout the event and seemed to gain a shot only to give it back through each round.

Hats off to Lianwei Zhang for a blistering final round turning in 8-under par to run away from the field for the win. Lianwei who is the best player from China in his generation has previously won on the main European Tour and now has his maiden European Senior Tour win.

A special thanks to my caddy for the week, David Vowles who did a wonderful job and I look forward to working with David in some events later on this season.